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We are two guys, Stefan Knutsson and Mikael Nilsson. Our plan is to walk around Sweden’s largest island, Gotland, in the summer of 2006. Here on our website you can follow us in our preparation and during the walking.

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The idea is that with all equipment we need for the hike on our backs start in the middle of Visby, Gotland’s largest city, in June 2006 and walk clockwise around the island. The length of the walk is approximately 500-700 km.

Along the walk we are planning to visit Gotland’s most north, south, west and east points. We will also swim to the largest side island, Fårö, walk around it and swim back.

We have set the following goals for us:

  • Accomplish the hike at a stretch.
  • Carry all equipment on our backs.
  • Sleep in tent all the time.
  • Have the opportunity to switch some of the equipment once a week.
  • Buy some of our food at local stores (such as milk, bread etc.).
  • Never be more than 2 km from the coast.
  • Walk around Gotland in less than one month.
For further information please contact us at info@vandrare.se.